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Everything is handmade, and with that, each product is always uniquely crafted by individual women. The items may not be flawless, but sometimes, that’s the beauty.


When we give a gift, we want the gift to be of worth and importance to the person who is receiving it. Striving to offer a valuable product at an affordable price, in turn you get a uniquely designed, handmade gift that gives back.


This holiday season, your purchase will directly impact the cooperative Mujeres con Vision. This is significant for Ingrid, Lilian, Karen, Aura, Francis and Magdalena.


Dignified work is not guaranteed in the developing world, but by using your purchasing power you are reaffirming that where your goods come from, and who makes them, matters.

Shop with intention &
know your gift is giving back

Mujeres con Vision [Visionary Women] is a female cooperative located in Guatemala, City, Guatemala. The cooperative was formed in October 2017. The women specialize in handmade goods, such as: coffee bags, women’s clothing, home goods and other miscellaneous items.

The five women who make up the cooperative are from the La Verbena area of Zone 7,  an incredibly rough area of town that was built on the cusp of a ravine and a cemetery. Facing stigmatization and no access to stable and consistent work, the local organization (World Orphans & AMG) partnered with Artisans Thrive to run a four month training program to teach the women how to design and sew products, learn the basics of running a business, while also focusing on life skills. 

After managing the program and working side by side with the women, we created a friendship and I am thrilled to continue the partnership  today.


Each product is handmade by artisans in Guatemala. The material for the stocking, tree and star are all woven in the traditional Guatemalan method using a hand/foot loom. The cactus is made with felt.


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