Daily, I am reminded that this work matters. That our environment cannot survive the way we are treating it. That how we earn our income, and spend our days, matter. I am reminded that by realizing our connectedness and shared spirit is sometimes the greatest gift we can recognize in one another. I am reminded that when we stand up for, support, and cheer one another on, we are supporting a sisterhood that has a domino effect far greater and well beyond what we see and comprehend. Small changes in sustainability, in dignified income, in effort- all lead to a better outcome. That outcome inevitably provides hope in the future, hope in ourselves, and hope that change is possible and is worth it.

Sending love, sending hope, sending connectedness to our shared humanity. We are all in this together. 



When we give a gift, we want the gift to be of worth and importance to the person who is receiving it. Striving to offer a valuable product at an affordable price, in turn you get a uniquely designed, handmade gift that gives back.


This holiday season, your purchase will directly impact the cooperative Mujeres con Vision. This is significant for Ingrid, Lilian, Karen, Aura, and Francis in providing hope, dignified income and continued work.


Dignified work is not guaranteed in the developing world, but by using your purchasing power you are reaffirming that where your goods come from, and who makes them, matters.
“my hope for you
is that you trust the teachings of what brings discomfort.
that when you feel as if you are at the cusp of breaking open,
out into the wild of the unknown,
you step forward with both feet planted
in your curiosity and wonder.”

-danielle doby, i am her tribe